Common Problems and Solutions

Common Plumbing Problems and Their Solutions


There are many plumbing problems which may require you to call a qualified plumber to help you out. Here are the most common problems, their causes and how you can get rid of them at home before requesting for any professional help.


Clogs can occur in bathrooms, kitchens and even in drains. The main cause of clogs is surface buildup of solid materials such as hair, food particles and also soap scum. An easy way to prevent the clogs from forming is to install all your drain with drain filters. The filters trap any solid materials so that you can remove them from the filters easily unlike when they accumulate inside the drains.


These are u shaped or curved pipes that form part of a plumbing system. Solid materials such as paper towels and food scraps accumulate at the bottom of the traps and cause blockage. Once the blockage has occurred, you can remove it in 3 main ways. The first way is to use a drain plunger in the affected pipe and this will help to dislodge the settled solid materials. The second way is to break up the solid materials using a drain auger and the third way is to enter a pipe through a clean-out plug to remove or break up clogs.

Branch line pipe 

Another location that clogs tend to form are in the areas where pipes branch. Solid materials tend to accumulate gradually in these areas until it no longer allows water to pass. This kind of blockage might prove difficult to remove and it may require you to call in a plumber to inspect and rectify the problem.


Vents tend to accumulate leaves over time and this eventually causes clogging. A solution for this is to install rod vent lines.


Since most waste water ends up in the sewers, after some time, solid waste accumulates and causes blockage. Once it happens, the first thing you should do is to turn off the home water supply and then check the clean out station for blockages. If this doesn’t work, you should then call in a plumber to locate clogs, their causes and then fix the problem.

Besides removing clogs, the best way for a home or business owner to get rid of them is to know how to avoid them in the first place. To start with, don’t flush down material such as napkins and wipes down drains. In addition, you should never pour oil, grease or paint down the sink as they trap solid materials which then cause blockage.

It is also important to conduct regular professional system inspections so that clogs are detected early. Professional plumbers will use special techniques such as video inspection of pipes and also conduct leak detection tests. In addition, once you notice worn out and leaking pipes, replace them immediately. Last but not least, use preventive maintenance rodding as well as mesh or wire cover on all home drains.

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